Text Treat: Cardless Gift Cards


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TextTreat?

A TextTreat is simply an instant mobile gift certificate to a local business of your choice that you can send to a friend
with a simple text message. Anytime, anywhere, within an instant!

How do I send a TextTreat?

You'll need to create a free account with just your name and email address. Then just select your local area, the merchant
you like, and enter the cell number and name of the person you wish to send it to. Pay for it, and it will be sent. That's it!

Can I send a TextTreat to myself?

Absolutely. You can definitely treat yourself. Especially if you see that one of our merchants is running a special like say
50%-off! But just remember, the specials change daily so keep checking back for some deals!

What if the business merchant I want is not on the list?

Simply click on the "Request One" link on the merchant list box and we'll get them added as soon as possible. Also,
we'll notify you the moment they are added to the list.

How do I pay for the TextTreat?

You can pay for a TextTreat with a major credit card, or simply use your PayPal account. Your payment is secure as
we have partnered with PayPal as our payment processor.

How do I redeem a TextTreat?

If you've received a TextTreat, simply take the unique TextTreat code to the merchant specified in the text message. Once
you present the code, the merchant will redeem it on the spot.

Do I have to use the entire amount in one visit?

TextTreats are one-time-use only. So yes, you do have to use the balance on your visit. But some merchants will actually
put the remaining balance on one of their own gift cards so you can come back to use it later. It's totally up to each
merchant so don't forget to ask!

When do TextTreats expire?

TextTreats expire exactly five years from the date you received it.

Can I forward it to someone else?

Definitely not. The code received is programmed to only work on your phone. If you forward it and they take it to a
merchant an try to redeem it, it will not work

I deleted my code!

If you deleted your code by accident, no worries. Just send us your cell phone number and the name of the person that
sent it and we will resend the code as soon as possible. Just remember, we can only send codes to the original cell phone
number that it was sent to, and we cannot resend codes that have already been redeemed.

I sent one, but my friend didn't get it.

Sometimes cell numbers are not listed with all mobile carriers. Among some of the reasons, this could happen if your
number was recently ported. Simply have your friend text the keyword START to our number at 1-847-973-5665. That enters
your number in our system so we can send the text.

Still have questions?

Send us your questions and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.